A monumental statue of Vishnu

Garuda Wisnu (Vishnu) Kencana is a massive, unfinished statue in Bali that currently exists in pieces. Conceptualized by the Balinese artist Nyoman Nuarta, the gigantic statue (if completed) would rise 479 feet above the ground, taking first place in the world’s tallest statues contest (compare it to the Statue of Liberty which stands 151 feet). When completed, the statue would have used about 4,000 tons of brass and copper! The financial storm of the past few years has put the future of Garuda Wisnu Kencana into question. GWK Foundation Chair Made Mangku Pastika admits that $ 270 million would be needed to complete the entire complex; half of this sum will go to completing the statue, and the other half will go to finishing the envisioned complex around the statue. Although it is not sure if this monumental statute of Vishnu will ever be finished, the parts already build are impressive enough and are featured in this short video. So far you can see Vishnu’s head and torso, Garuda’s head and shoulders and Vishnu’s hands on (for the moment) different locations within the same property. But I can tell you: although not finished the statue is more than impressive. When I first visited the site I was blown away… More info on the statue: tiny.cc/​vishnastatue

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